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Bio silicon patch

Rubber labels enhance the look and feel of your brand or products. The 3-dimensional label adds an extra dimension and are often used on hoodies, backpacks, jackets or accessories.
article 595269

Recycled polyester printed label

Recycled polyester satin with woven edges – these soft edges avoid irritation in the neck. The label is rotary printed and ordered at EE Label Factory – our super fast webshop for delivery within 7 working days. With a QR-code as connection between the physical product and digital world.
article 4001068

Embossed hangtag

A sustainable hangtag made from grey kraft paper. What is the most sustainable ink for hangtags? No ink! The FRANK logo is shown by an embossing of the paper.
article 595271

Organic cotton printed label

Another rotary printed label, this time on organic cotton. Mono-material production is the way to go for recyclability of products. This label has slit edges. At EE Label Factory – our online ordering system we offer two qualities: slit edge or woven edge. To see the difference you can request free samples online.
article 4001067


Glow-in-the-dark label

A super interesting woven label with glow-in-the-dark effect.
This label has woven edges – avoiding irritation when used as neck-label. By daylight the pattern is subtle, by night it stands out.
article 099014

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