As the name says this collection is all about the details.
Have a look at special floats, tiny bindings and our 3D woven bag.

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Woven label with floats

A special woven label that is not average. By choosing a special and detailed label you communicate something to your customer. Taking care of even the smallest details! The label with your brand name is the one thing your customers always see when using a product. This special woven label has floats, silver white – and neon yarns.
article 099021

Hangtag with textured paper

Silver textured paper – for a shiny effect of this hangtag.
A hangtag that stands out and is suitable for modern brand who don’t go for the obvious option.
The paper weight of this hangtag is 300 grams
article 595291


Woven label with lurex yarns

Lurex yarns give a sparkling look to your woven labels. Looking for something special for your fashion label? The way to go is a clothing label with lurex. This woven label with iridescent yarn has a special, multi-colour effect.
article 099020

Woven label in ultra-high definition

A logo with much detail? We weave in ultra-high definition, meaning that we can display even the smallest details in woven labels. This label has a silver white background with drawing in neon pink colored yarns.
article 099022

Printed ribbon with woven edges

This multi-colour design is digitally printed on a woven ribbon with structure. It’s a two-sided digitally printed ribbon. The ribbon is beautiful on both sides, therefor suitable as a ribbon for gifts, luxury articles or events.
article 433559/433558


3D woven bag

A woven bag made in two layers. Once it comes from the machines the bag can be opened and used to keep and protect your products. Since it’s from textile, the customer will value the product inside even more, allowing you to operate in a higher price range.
article 6000857

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