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Vegan leather label

The logo and pay-off of the brand is debossed in the label, creating a ton-sur-ton effect. Minimum order quantity 100 pieces. Made in Europe.
Colour Granat 745
article 595276


Recycled PU label

A recycled PU label, also often called vegan leather label – made from 40% pre-consumer used PU or wastage of the production. The other 60% is virgin material. Available in a lovely colour palet.
article 595274

Woven ribbon recycled denim

A ribbon with woven edges, made in The Netherlands with yarns from recycled denim. The woven ribbon is then rotary-printed with a logo and text in white, creating a ton-sur-ton look.
article 433594

Woven flag

A woven flag as gadget or pocket-flasher to elevate your product and make it stand out in the store. Invite your customers to a special event, add to a giftbag or send as give away with your orders. Woven in luxury damask, with special bindings and laser cut to its final shape.
article 099017

Hangtag with recycled paper

Sustainable hangtag made from recycled paper, in 600 grams for a special effect. The special shape of the stain is embossed, while the text has been debossed.
article 595273

Woven label with fringes

A playful and original labels for brands who love fun!
Woven label with fringes, made in luxury damast to weave small text and details. The woven labels are cut manually to create the fringe effect.
article 099015

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