How does a label create a brand experience?

A label is much more than an illustration with a logo. A label from EE Labels is a high-quality product, but that’s just the beginning.

Pure magic

We use innovative technologies, materials, and ideas to transform your label into something that has a great impact on the brand experience. The result is magical!

Labels can provide many layers of added value, including:

  • Brand recognition and experience
  • Invisible anti-theft protection
  • Access to your websites, webshops and mobile applications
  • Facilitates payment for purchases
  • Product identification

EE Labels puts a shot of magic into its labels and uses innovative materials and technologies together with modern communication techniques to provide customized solutions for its clients.

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Designers dream

The client-specific and flexible production methods used by EE Labels provide designers with almost unlimited opportunities to design labels that really have an impact and to do so in 2-D, 3-D, and even 4-D. These labels are also produced with the latest technologies, including mobile apps via augmented reality and QR code.