Automotive Industry Labels

EE Labels is your preferred partner for labels and stickers in the Automotive Industry sector. The focus here is primarily on functional labels that provide quality-related information for producers and consumers, including:

  • Safety labels
  • Labels and tags with manufacturing and source related information
  • Guarantee labels
  • Maintenance information
  • Labels and ribbon products for car interiors

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A car full of magic

In the automotive sector, 2-D labels that deliver extra functionality, for example via QR codes and Data Matrix technology, have become indispensable. Such ‘magic’ labels facilitate further automation of the production and logistic processes and also make it possible to easily and quickly identify the manufacturer of any individual part or component.

Take the lead

Get the jump on your competition with the intelligent technologies and solutions provided by EE Labels:

  • creative design possibilities for products and brand identity;
  • intelligent electronics such as RFID solutions for payment, logistics and security;
  • mobile Internet link to webshops, social media and service Apps;
  • added client-brand experience and services as well as detailed practical information for clients on cleaning, maintenance and safety aspects provided via QR-code, Apps, augmented reality and location-specific information.

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