Fashion & Retail Labels

The beautifully designed and well thought out labels and stickers provided by EE Labels will help identify you as an innovator and leader in the Fashion and Retail sector. Fashion and Retail is a challenging sector in which a well-designed and high-quality label can contribute to your client’s brand experience in relation to your product. After all, the total brand image and experience must be consistent and focused, and each part of that whole is important.

  • Labels and tags for suits, shirts, blazers and other clothing articles
  • Leather, PVC, woven or other labels
  • Printed labels
  • Labels with washing and/or care instructions
  • Woven ribbon and waistband
  • Co-creation

Labels and products in the Fashion and Retail sector must be very much in tune with each other. Co-creation is therefore a logical choice for such products. Click here to see some
examples of our co-creations.

We would be happy working together for the perfect label.

Allow your clients to experience your brand

Success in this sector depends very much on the relationship between your client and your brand and his brand product experience. EE Labels allows your client to experience your brand via:

  • Intelligent electronics that enable visual communication with events such as catwalk shows and provide access to online catalogues;
  • Mobile Internet links to webshops, social media and service Apps;
  • Extra services and information via QR-code, Apps or augmented reality;
  • Creative design possibilities for products and brand identity.

Read more about brand experience.

Logistics, security and pricing

The retail sector depends on more factors than emotion alone. Businesses in this sector face many operational challenges in areas such as logistics, inventory management, pricing, product identification, product tracking, and product security. These factors are crucial, in particular because collections change so frequently. The Magic Labels supplied by EE Labels make a significant and valuable contribution in these areas.


Fashion comes clean. Increasing numbers of designers and brands are switching to sustainable and responsible production processes and are also communicating this to the consumer. Consumers are also increasingly well-informed and want to know where their clothing comes from. They demand transparency. EE Labels attaches a great deal of importance to Corporate Social Responsibility, and these core values are reflected in our production methods and choice of materials.

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