EE Labels aims for long-term collaborations, so we go the extra mile to keep customers, suppliers, and employees satisfied. That’s why we release multiple collection books every year showcasing the latest trends, offer global service for customers with over 100,000 pieces per year, and provide quick solutions through our super-fast webshop EE Label Factory.

With collection books

Over the years, we have built up a large collection of labels and hangtags, a great source of inspiration. Nevertheless, we create several collection books every year showcasing the latest developments in labels and hangtags. For example, in terms of sustainability or smart labeling with RFID, NFC, and unique QR codes. This way, our customers stay informed about all possibilities.

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A global service

For customers with a production of more than 100,000 pieces per year, we offer a special online service. Are you manufacturing in multiple countries or continents? Through our webshop, we arrange local-for-local production. So, your labels are produced in, or close to, the production location of your items. The stock is kept up to date in real-time and can be tracked online by you.
We also take care of shipping and invoicing completely.

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Super fast webshop

Sometimes you just need labels or hangtags very quickly. Perhaps you received a large order from a customer, need to create a new sample collection, or simply forgot. With our webshop EE Label Factory, we provide a solution. The delivery time is only 7 working days, very fast for woven or printed labels.

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En events

In een industrie die vaak voorloopt op het gebied van trends en bijvoorbeeld duurzaamheid is het belangrijk om bij events en beurzen aanwezig te zijn. Of als dit even niet lukt op een andere manier contact te houden met influencers, andere leveranciers en merken. Hoe dan ook, we houden regelmatig contact.