Beyond generations

Beyond every product, person or brand is a story. A story that deserves attention.
We believe in creating strong connections. Between people but also with the objects that surround us.
Connections that, just like family and friends, never get out of fashion.
All with minimum impact on the environment, protecting it for the benefit of future generations.

Take a look behind the scenes:

Beautiful stories

More than 121 years of labels and connections, that yields a lot of beautiful stories. Get inspired by beautiful brands and designers. From multimillion-dollar companies to startups and from high-tech factories to the royal family.

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For generations

Did you know that both various customers and employees have been involved with our company for multiple generations? There are even employees who learned the trade at our company school at the age of 15 and still work at EE.

Browse through our archive and you’ll find labels from customers who still order from us.

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Get inspired

As a purveyor to the court with a heritage since 1900, we have a beautiful archive, a sample room full of label and hangtag inspiration, and of course an impressive weaving mill.

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Or make a connection

“Before you can ever inspire, motivate or influence, you must connect first”.  There are many ways to do that. With over 121 years of experience, we know quite a few. So let’s make a connection:

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