EE Labels / Van Engelen & Evers

We supply labels, hangtags and other branding materials to global market leaders. The head office of our family business is still located in Heeze, The Netherlands; next to the factory. With our own factory in Turkey and sales offices + service centra in the major production regions of Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and the U.S. we offer a worldwide service.


It was 1900 when Willem van Engelen and Peter Evers started a band weaving mill together in Heeze. It is the era of the industrial revolution. Philips and DAF started in that period and the cigar and textile industry flourished. Initially we produce ribbons for cigar boxes. Later we added products such as knitting cotton, laces and labels. Read more >


Over the years, EE Labels has had a large stock of different materials and knowledge in the field of branding. We have been working for and with brands since 1900. Together we come up with the best solutions for the branding of your product. Our products >


Sustainable production

One of our most important pillars: EE Labels believes in local production, the use of recycled materials and Corporate Social Responsibility. The importance of sustainability is therefore reflected in all facets of our factory, operations and product range. Our products >


Thanks to our in-house production, we continue to innovate. There is a suitable solution for all our customers, EE Labels has its own design studio, R&D team and production in our own factory. Our latest developments, such as tyre of denim yarn, or the fully automated production line for mouthpieces during covid 19, can be followed via social media or watch the latest news >

More products

Each brand has a specific look and feel: the logo is your brand carrier and therefore an important part of your product. With a label and hangtag made from the right material and a nice packaging, your brand will stand out. A nice text ribbon, jacquard woven band, zipper tag or buttons with logo will complete your product. Check out the possibilities: our products >