EE Labels sponsored the IAF conference 2018.

Beginning of this month we took part in the 34 th  edition of the IAF World Fashion Convention in Maastricht (Netherlands). 270 delegates from more than 20 countries assembled to discuss the
convention theme “Building a smart future for fashion”. The most important conclusion was:

If we manage to create a more efficient, less polluting, more valuable industry, these improvements not only create more revenue for brands, they really improve the lives of millions of people.

How can we create a more valuable (smart) industry?

Smart for sure has a lot to do with technology. At that level EE Labels has been creating more customer value for its customers by adding technology such as NFC and RFID in the labels.
Smart is also about new ways of doing business. New business models are needed to get us out of the spiral of looking for the cheapest production prices, pressure on margins with nearly constant sale and mark downs as a result. It’s about a strong relationship between brands and their suppliers and producing local for local. That’s why we control our own productionplants all over the world.

Smart is also more sustainable. EE Labels believes sustainable production should be treated less like a separate topic and more as an integral part of creating a smarter industry. We don’t talk but act, our SteP certificate proofs it!