Renovation of the Dutch Royal Palace: Huis Ten Bosch

After 3 years of renovation work today Palace Huis Ten Bosch, new home of Willem-Alexander, Maxima and their 3 daughters was open for press. EE Labels worked for more than 3 years on this “secret project” that we can finally share with the world!

Together with Scheltens & Abbenes we developed beautiful wall-coverings for “The Blue Saloon”. A unique jacquard woven piece that shows personal items of the Royal Family and tells the story of their lives and history.

Very proud of this project! We love to share the pictures and story by artists Scheltens & Abbenes. Stay tuned for more pictures and the “behind the scenes” making of story.

Bigger picture? Please check:

‘De Blauwe Salon tells stories’

Scheltens & Abbenes, the artists in charge of “de Blauwe Salon” wanted the space to tell stories about The Netherlands, the palace and the Royal Family. They did so by making wall coverings with precious objects for the family. They visited Willem-Alexander and Maxima to agree on this personal project. To translate their photographs into a wall covering, artists Scheltens & Abbenes approached the oldest Dutch jacquard weaving company: EE Labels (since 1900). Their newest branch EE Exclusives develops unique jacquard pieces with designers and artists for interior, fashion and art.

Find a video about this project at: