Blue LOOP Originals and EE Labels: partners in sustainability

EE Labels and Blue LOOP Originals’ partnership is based on their vision of sustainability and corporate social responsibility; a shared vision that is key to their business philosophy.

A few years ago, Blue LOOP Originals started producing clothing out of old jeans. “Our business is based on the notion that textile waste too often ends up in incinerators and landfill dumps. We decided to focus on the most common clothing that is used on a daily basis, i.e. denim.”

All the company’s operations are located within Europe, with some of the production taking place in the Netherlands. As soon as the old jeans have been collected, powerful machines get down to work and carefully unravel each pair of jeans, resulting in light-blue denim fibres. In a small village in Italy, these light-blue fibres are spun together to make yarn. This yarn is then mixed with organic cotton or recycled wool to make soft, comfortable shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. The clothing labels developed by EE Labels are also made from recycled materials.

In addition to their clothing collection, Blue LOOP Originals also works on special projects. One of these was to set up a collaboration between the Wadden Sea Association and Pauline van Dongen. Blue LOOP Originals worked with Pauline van Dongen to develop a jacket that is not only windproof and water-repellent but can also be used to charge a GPS or mobile phone device. In collaboration with TenCate, they developed a tent canvas made from eight pairs of jeans. These projects underline the importance of corporate social responsibility to Blue LOOP Originals.

This philosophy corresponds strongly to the ethos of EE Labels. Even the cords of the hang tags supplied by EE Labels are made of 100% cotton, and the cards attached to it are made of recycled paper and denim. The clothing labels themselves are made of recycled PET and are therefore also sustainable.