Smart office chairs at the office of EE Labels for an active working posture

The office of EE Labels was extensively renovated last summer. New colours on the wall, logistical layout, different desks and last but not least, new ergonomic office chairs. As the correct sitting posture is very important for a good work environment.

But what’s so special about this you ask? It is the fact that the smart office chairs are made by BMA Ergonomics and EE labels has collaborated here as an innovation partner. Using a smart label the chair analyses the sitting behaviour of the user and by means of an app advises on a more active working posture.

The USPs of this smart office chair include:

  • The Axia Smart Active gives direct feedback by means of a vibration signal from the seat cushion and the personal App.
  • The office chair makes you aware of your sitting behaviour.
  • This office chair helps you be more active during your working day.

Axia Smart Active, what is this?

The Axia Smart Active is an ergonomic Axia 2.0 office chair that ensures that you sit in the optimum position. But this chair is much more than this. It is a completely innovative sitting system in which all knowledge in the area of ergonomics, technology and sustainability is brought together. Smart Active technology is also built into the chair. This gives a vibration signal when it is time to get out of your chair for a short break.

Smart Technology

All the ergonomic office chairs from the 2.0 series can be equipped with the innovative, patented Smart Technology. The aim of this system is to develop an active work style via direct feedback on your sitting behaviour. The label that contains the technology was developed by BMA and EE Labels together.

The Axia Smart Active App in combination with the label

Every user is unique. And this is where the unique Axia Smart Active office chair comes into its own. The corresponding Axia Smart Active App gives you customised advice on how to improve your work style. All you have to do is install the free app on your smartphone and connect it to the unique signal from your chair that is woven into the label.