2nd place for Devon Halfnight Leflufy

Eddy Anemian, student at La Chambre in Brussels, won this morning the H & M Design Award during the Fashion Week in Stockholm. Devon Halfnight Leflufy, who used fabrics from our factory, was also in the final of the H & M Design Award. Unforunatly he became second.

Creative consultant Margaret van den Bosch, who was chief designer of the Swedish fashion chain for 20 years, described the work of winner Anemian ‘modern and romantic’. She said: ‘Up close, you can easily see how complex his work is.’

As one of the eight finalists Eddy Anemian has already won a sum of 5,000 euros, as winner he also won 50.000 euros. Anemian also may develop a collection for H&M that will be sold in a limited number of stores.

H & M’s head designer Ann-Sophie Johansson calls the work of the winner “extraordinar”. “A result that is so smooth and poetic, it can only be achieved by a designer with extraordinary gifts.”

The audience of H & M Design Award went last week to the Dutch Tilanus Henriette , who is studying at ArteZ in Arnhem. She has won a three-month internship at Erdem .

See the work of the eight finalists