Fabrics from EE Labels in new summer collection Walter van Beirendonck

It was a great show on Wednesday, June 26th in Paris, during the fashion week in the French capital. The new collection of Walter van Beirendonck for spring 2014 was shown and the designs were overwhelming.

When the models the collection ‘Home Sweet Home’ by Walter van Beirendonck showed the audience followed the oh’s and ah’s in rapid succession. The theme of ‘Home Sweet Home’ was by van Beirendonck quite literally worked with designs of floorboards, wallpaper prints and paintings, all incorporated into the clothing.

The fabrics for the clothes are woven by EE Labels. Off course we were proudly watching the beautiful clothes that Walter van Beirendonck made with the woven fabrics.

In the collection you can also see the paintings are all woven into the fabric. Also the windows and tables, based on real stuff in Walters house, are woven in the fabrics. Thanks to this perfect execution delivered a beautiful and cheerful collection, as in the pictures can be seen.

The first reactions to the fabrics are very enthusiastic and the sales are good. Good news for EE Labels so, as soon the fabrics will be suitable for the production of clothing. The samples satisfied the expectations of Walter van Beirendonck and his team.