We care about our surroundings and sustainability is one of our core values. It’s part of our DNA.
For us this is not a final destination we need to reach but rather a continuous and ongoing process of implementing improvements in this area.

Read all about our milestones and action plan in our responsibility report.

Responsibility Report 2023

Organic cotton labels

Products with natural fabrics require natural labels. EE Labels produces printed labels on GOTS-certified organic cotton and woven labels made from 100% cotton. This way you make mono-material products, so products can be easily recycled. Our organic labels >

Labels of recycled yarns

Yarns made 100% from PET bottles are transformed into labels with this recycled yarn, super soft labels that are not itchy: we make them with NewLife yarns. EE Labels is at the forefront of sustainable solutions, our stock of yarns consists increasingly of recycled yarns in different colours. With this we produce labels with logos for sustainable brands. View our labels of recycled yarns >


Next to a label comes the hangtag, in thick cardboard, made of recycled paper or with a spot UV lacquer. In our extensive range, with different printing techniques and paper types, we produce the right hangtag for many brands. View our hangtags >

Product passports

With a QR label you connect the physical and digital world. It’s the perfect way to communicate with your end user.
Add all the information you want like care instructions, where a product is made, which materials it contains and what to do when a product is at the end of its life: how to recycle. QR labels are available as printed labels and woven labels and can be made from 100% recycled material.

Read more about product passports.


To complete the branding of your products a nice packaging is essential. It’s the first contact point of your customer when receiving an order. With the packaging you can show customers your efforts on choosing sustainable materials. EE Labels offers a carefully selected range of sustainable packaging solutions, from recycled polybags to paptic webmailers and organic cotton bags.

More sustainable packaging >


We make use of green electricity and wind energy since many years now and keep improving. On our way from sustainability to circular. More and more brands are starting to think and act conscious. With a consciously produced product of course belongs an ecologically produced label. Our sustainable labels are the perfect match with your sustainable clothes, accessories or other sustainable products.


Within textile you can find many different certificates. Most of them say something about sustainable production. With the certificate for Sustainable Textile Production (STeP) OEKO-TEX® has set a standard, aiming for a sustainable production of textile and clothing. In 2017 we were the first Dutch company to obtain this certificate. We’re proud to say that we recently entered level 3.