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It’s important to maintain a sustainable practice and socially responsible profile as a business these days. As raw materials are scarce, we need to put an effort into keeping them in the recycling loop. An eco-friendly end product will also demand an eco-friendly label.

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We offer two solutions to create eco-friendly labels:

1. Opt to have your labels woven with Newlife threads

Polyester threads made from 100% recycled PET bottles. At present 12% of our thread consumption consists of Newlife threads, our aim is to increase this to 20% by 2017.

For orders above 100,000 units, we can also deliver specific colours.

Newlife™ has been able to fuse fashion with innovation, combining many years of textile experience by Sinterama Group to create a completely new kind of yarn 100% made in Italy. It is created using a High Tech Conversion

Model that transforms 100% traceable postconsumer plastic bottles into an unrivaled high tech quality polymer while generating considerable savings in water -94%, energy consumption -60% and carbon emissions -32% as per Life Cycle Assessment conducted by ICEA. Newlife™ is also GRS certified by Textile Exchange and is certified by Oekotex. The Newlife™ yarns platform comes in a wide range of counts with multiple functional performances offering incredibly different choices in terms of applications in textile productions: Labels, fashion, casual wear, lingerie, outdoor, luggage, workwear, sportswear, ribbons, automotive, home textiles and outdoor furnishing. The Newlife™ yarn range allows the creation of fabrics and garments that comply to all sustainability requirements in terms of design, innovation and responsibility.

Newlife™ is a partner of C.L.A.S.S. (Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy), an international platform that supports and promotes sensible products. Newlife™ obtained the Best Recycled Plastic Product Award 2012, assigned by EPRO (European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organizations) and Premio Impresa Ambiente in the category “Best Product” 2012 assigned by Ministero dell’Ambiente and Camera di Commercio of Rome – Asset Camera. N ewlife™ is a registered trademark by Sinterama Group.

2. Choose organic cotton labels, either printed or woven.
We supply labels printed on GOTS-certified biological cotton band. These labels are printed with environment-friendly inks that also have the Oekotex-100 certificate, making it the best possible combination.
The woven labels are made of biological cotton with threads that are GOTS certified. These biological cotton labels are available in different band widths.

In January 2017 we received the STEP-certificate. Click on the picture below for more information about the STeP-certificate.


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