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Woven or printed ribbons

Looking for printed or woven ribbons? We offer a selection of materials, including (recycled) polyester satin, organic cotton and more.

With your own design

A ribbon with a pattern or text can be used for many purposes: as a handle for a bag, a luxury finish for a product or a chic gift ribbon. Whether there is a text or pattern with your own design, the possibilities are endless, either woven or printed.

Packaging ribbon with brand name

Often used for gifts or when sending out web orders: a printed ribbon for wrapping a gift with the name of a shop or brand.

With experience since 1900

Because that is when our weaving mill was founded. We used to exportmany sari straps to, for example, India. From our own factory with weaving and printing facilities, we still weave straps and we like to think along with you about the best solution for your business.

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Why printed ribbons from EE Labels?

A printed ribbon from EE Labels means guaranteed top quality tape. We print various qualities of polyester strap (ribbon, heavy belt, elastic), satin ribbons and (organic) cotton strap for you. With all these options, there’s always something for you. Good quality and always to your liking.

We apply various printing techniques, such as relief printing, digital printing and embossing. Depending on the application and appearance, we advise you on the most attractive solution. A packaging ribbon has different requirements than, for example, trouser tape or key-cord tape.

Which type of tape suits your brand best?

Do you want polyester ribbon, or is satin or cotton better suited to the appearance of your brand? We will advise you which product, in combination with the various printing techniques, is best suited to your application.

Is it a band that serves as a closure band for a book or a bread box, for example? In that case, an elastic band can also be a perfect solution.

EE Labels is your reliable partner who thinks along with you and is ready to help you. We ensure fast delivery and customer friendliness is of paramount importance. Are you looking for a specific solution? We think along with you and provide a suitable end product.

With a printed textribbon or woven tape with text, your logo or a quote of the brand a product gets the final touch and the luxury appearance that you need.