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Other trimmings

When designing your product and its trimmings a label and hangtag are the first things. However we offer many additional items. Take a look at our metal labels, leather labels, patches and stickers.

Metal label with logo

A common trimming is a metal tag with a logo. Often used as zip tags but also stitched on the outside of a chair, cushion, dress or jumper. Print or emboss your logo on a metal label in silver, aluminium, copper or gold.

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Leather labels

Leather labels with logo are often used  on the back of jeans, on a beautiful blanket or on a woolen jumper. Get in touch and hear all about the possibilities, colours and materials.

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Stickers and more

Looking for packaging material? Like tissue paper, stickers and more? On the quotation form you can find our possibilities and minimum quantities.

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We also supply stickers with logo in various materials: paper stickers with logo, textile stickers with logo or even woven stickers with logo. Of course, you can also order price stickers, which are very important for the sale of your product.