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Small numbers:

Do you want to order a small number (500 to 5000) of Woven labels, Printed labels or Woven badges? Click on your choice of the price lists. We guarantee the best quality, also for small quantities.

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Woven labels

geweven labes

From € 11,88 for 100 items
  • Luxury damast, ultrasoon
  • Bandwith X max 100mm
  • 1 background colour en 1 figure colour

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Printed labels

gedrukt label

From € 6,48 for 100 items
  • Polyester satin tape or organic cotton
  • Bandwidth X max 100mm
  • White tie printed with 1 colour

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Woven badges


One item from € 0,76
  • Luxury Damast
  • Bandwidth X max 100mm
  • 1 background colour & max. 7 figure colours

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