Groundbreaking commercial partnership Tricorp Workwear x Twintag x EE Labels

Twintag and EE Labels sign groundbreaking commercial partnership agreement, with Tricorp Workwear as first mover: smart woven QR codes for Digital Product Passport and Extended Producer Responsibility.

Today, Twintag and EE Labels are proud to announce the signing of a groundbreaking commercial partnership agreement, focusing on the importance of multifunctional QR codes – “twintags” – for the implementation of a Digital Product Passport (DPP) and the support of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). In this partnership, EE Labels provides its specialized woven QR code labels, while Twintag provides these labels with the desired digital experience. Tricorp Workwear, a leading brand in the workwear market, is acting as a pioneering customer in this collaboration.

scannable QR labels

With the introduction of European tightened regulations around DPP and EPR, companies will be required to provide their customers with comprehensive and detailed information about the origin, composition, maintenance and life cycle of their products. EE Labels’ smart QR code labels allow consumers to quickly and easily access this and other information by simply scanning the QR code with their smartphone. It also greatly streamlines interactions with the manufacturer, such as for warranty and returns. Twintag facilitates the underlying digital experiences, allowing brands to offer their customers an enhanced and more integrated experience.

Digitaal product paspoort

Marc Evers, CEO of EE Labels, says “With transparency and sustainability in mind, it is more important than ever for companies to provide their customers with insight into the full lifecycle of their products. Our woven QR code labels play a crucial role in achieving this objective, and we are excited to partner with Twintag and Tricorp Workwear to bring this innovation to market.”

Alexander Carpentier, CEO of Twintag, emphasizes the importance of the partnership in supporting EPR: “This collaboration allows us to help brands meet the requirements of the EPR by enabling them to manage their products in a transparent and traceable way. Our technology, combined with EE Labels’ woven QR code labels, provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for both brands and consumers.”

Ruud Kuijpers of Tricorp Workwear emphasizes the importance of the DPP and EPR for Tricorp: “As a pioneer in the market, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate our products and offer our customers the best possible solutions. The Digital Product Passport and Extended Producer Responsibility are crucial in our efforts to promote transparency and sustainability. By partnering with Twintag and EE Labels, we can leverage their expertise and technology to enrich our offerings and serve our customers even better. Using the woven QR code labels will make it easier for our customers to access important product information, and help us take responsibility for the full life cycle of our products.”

Unique woven QR-label

This partnership agreement promises to revolutionize the way brands and consumers communicate and interact. By combining EE Labels’ smart QR code labels and Twintag’s digital experiences, brands such as Tricorp Workwear will be able to offer their customers an enhanced and more integrated experience while meeting the requirements of the DPP and EPR.

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About Twintag:

Twintag is a technology company that specializes in connecting physical products with digital experiences, enabling brands and consumers to interact in a seamless and innovative way.

About EE Labels:

EE Labels is a leading provider of specialized woven labels and product identification solutions. With more than a century of experience, the company has become a global player in woven labels and branding.

About Tricorp Workwear:

We are Tricorp – one team – with more than 85 employees working together to develop the best workwear for every professional. Tricorp was founded with the goal of providing professionals with workwear that ensures they get the most out of their workday. Workwear should fit the wearer’s job, which is why we offer one collection of workwear to fit every professional.