EE product passports

With unique QR-codes you create a link between physical products and the digital world.
Offering a world of opportunities. Create traceable and valuable products – with intelligent features.

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Connect the physical and digital world

With a QR-label you connect a physical product with the digital world.
By scanning the QR-code you lead the customer to wherever you want, opening up a world of possibilities, as you’ll have direct contact with consumers.
A woven QR-label will outlast the garment. Therefor it can still be scanned at the end of a product’s lifetime.

Easy and affordable with step-by-step approach

A product passport is often seen as difficult, complicated and costly.
The step-by-step approach of EE Labels icw Twintag makes starting with product passports easy, fast and affordable.
The system runs effortlessly next to your current systems, and by adding a QR code to your current brand label the extra costs are minimized.

Engage customers with your products

Give your customers the complete brand experience.
Invite customers into a world of inspiration and information that they can always access.
Think about including the origin of a product, authenticity, care information and style advise.

Discover our FRNK product passport

EE Labels partnered up with Twintag to create product passports.
Together we created a great example that shows many features and possibilities of this digital tool.
This product passport is part of our FRNK label collection, meant as an example for your brand.

Discover FRNK product passport >