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Patches, emblems or embroidered labels

Patches or emblems of your logo? EE produces logo patches, or textile emblems for special occasions. Simply send us your logo, we can produce your patches in several qualities, starting from 100 pieces.

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Looking for a patch with logo for your brand or club? EE Labels makes logo patches starting from 100 pieces. An emblem in different shapes, round patches, square patches or other shape of patches with lasercut.

Send your design to our mail address and we send you a personal quotation!

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Emblems with logo

For a fine woven logo or small text, woven emblems are the perfect option. We weave with the thinnest yarns, enabling us to display the smallest details. If your logo is very bold, then you can also choose for embroidered patches instead of woven emblems. All our patches can be ordered from 100 pieces.

Why choose an embroidered brand label from EE Labels?

An embroidered label, with the letters and/or logo of your brand embroidered on it, can be the perfect way to showcase your brand and company image. We supply a range of clients with embroidered labels, including clients in fashion and retail who use our embroidered labels on clothing products such as tailor-made suits.

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