Fire-resistant woven label

The more you care about the safety of your employees and the quality of their protective work clothing, the more you will appreciate the fire-resistant label developed by EE Labels. Our 100% fire-resistant label will provide certified work clothing conveying that extra level of safety.

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This woven, fire-resistant label produced by EE Labels is permanently fire-resistant and of the highest quality, complying with the most rigourous requirements. This label has been tested with the EN 532 flame spread test which measures the following aspects:

  • After-flame time: 0 seconds
  • After-glow time: 0 seconds
  • After-glow outside burned zone: No
  • Burning drops: No
  • Non-burning drops: No

The above results prove that our woven label is suitable for use as an emblem, or accessory, on the inside or outside of clothing designed to protect against thermal risks.

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