Leather logo labels for denim or interior

Leather labels are often used for jeans and rugged cotton items. A leather label emphasizes the rugged image of products such as jeans or denim.

We use a range of technologies on your leather label to ensure that it is completely in sync with the desired image and message of your brand. We also take into account the method that will be used to attach the label to the clothing article in order to eliminate any potential problems in your production process.

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Why choose leather labels?

A leather label is the perfect choice for a brand that aims to project a rugged and sturdy image. We work together with you to quickly convert your idea into a concrete design and product.

Microfibre labels are animal friendly

The logo of Prominent is printed on microfibre, also referred to as ‘belleseine’ material.
A ‘leather’ look but on an alternative and environmentally friendly surface.

Order vegan leather labels

Looking for a vegan leather label? We offer PU leather labels and microfiber labels, both animal-friendly materials.

By choosing a leather label from EE Labels, you choose quality Via years of experience, we have succeeded in building a very effective network of suppliers inside and outside Europe. Our expertise in combination with our network enables us to provide you with the best leather labels perfectly in sync with your wishes, inside as well as outside Europe.

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