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Pack sustainably with milkpaperbags

An alternative to polybags without plastic? Milkpaper bags consist of 100% paper, making them perfect paper substitutes for plastic polybags. The material contains high quality fibers making the paper quality strong. The material is also certified as safe food packaging.

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Transparent and strong paper replacement for plastic polybags

Thanks to the high quality long fibers, the paper has high tear resistance. The milkpaper bags are 100% paper and have a transparency of 89%. The transparency has been achieved thanks to the use of virgin pulp which is oxygen bleached. The gram weight of the bags is only 36 grams. Want to compare this replacement for plastic polybags with (recycled) plastic polybags? Check out the advantages of paper over plastic below.

Getting the paper version of plastic polybags printed

The paper packaging for your clothes or other products can be printed with your logo or text in up to 3 colors. Production of the paper packaging is entirely in Europe. In addition, the packaging is glued with glue made from starch. No chemicals are added. Because of this, in the recycling process the glue of a milkpaperbag dissolves, it mixes again with the paper pulp.

Size milkpaperbag

Looking for a specific size? You can order the milkpaperbag in any size. You can determine the dimensions of both the outer size and the side seam. You can choose a flat bag or a V-shaped side seam (standard 2×15 mm). The V-fold makes it easy to fill the bag. You can also choose either a resealable strip or a permanent adhesive layer.



Advantages of paper over plastic

Milkpaperbags are a replacement for plastic polybags. Hence, we list the advantages of paper over plastic. We compare paper to plastic in terms of recycling, ease of use, environmental impact, cost and sustainability.

  1. Biodegradable
    Paper is biodegradable as long as it does not contain special treatments or finishes. This means that, compared to plastic, paper does much less damage to nature. Many types of plastic take sometimes hundreds of years to degrade.
  2. Renewable resource
    Paper is made from wood fiber, a circular resource that grows again and again. However, it is important here that a forest is managed responsibly. Only then is paper production sustainable because new trees are planted. Plastic is made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. By choosing paper, you are less dependent on this scarce and environmentally damaging source.
  3. Recyclable
    Currently, paper is easier to recycle than plastic. Any business or household has the ability to dispose paper and cardboard separately. The recycling process of plastic is not as far and requires more energy.
  4. Animal-friendly
    In the unlikely event that paper does end up in nature, it is less harmful to animals than plastic. If animals eat plastic it can have very harmful consequences. Paper is less dangerous to animals.
  5. Aesthetics
    Many people rate products wrapped in paper better than items wrapped in plastic. This is especially true when it comes to cards and (gift) packaging.

Conclusion: paper packaging provides quite a few advantages over plastic. Wondering if the milkpaperbag is the solution for your company as well? Contact us or request a free sample.


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