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PAPTIC garment bags & mailers

A new, sustainable packaging material for your brand: Paptic.
Paptic is made from wood, just like paper. Due to a special treatment the material gets different characteristics and some non-woven properties, such as softness, some water resistance and a higher tearing resistance. The material is certified for food packaging.

Free sample: Paptic mailers

Premium packaging that is also sustainable?
Stop searching, order Paptic. A revolutionary material, which has been tested and certified.
The Paptic packaging is available from 5000 pieces.
Request your free sample now.

New on the market: standard neutral Paptic mailer

Especially for smaller quantities, order a neutral EE Taptic mailer via EE Label Factory, our webshop. Cover it with tape and stickers with your logo and turn it into a custom paptic mailer.

Packaged per 250 pieces, starting at €159: Paptic mailer >

Recyclable with paper and cardboard

With the best quality wood fibers it can be recycled into new (packaging) products, Paptic can be recycled with cardboard and paper.



Consumers are willing to use Paptic many times due to its look and feel. Its technical performance, resistance and foldability supports its reusability.

MOQ is 5000 pieces

Standard template available

Want to get started with your design? Then use our standard template.
With the right format, the labels and inspiration for the text.

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