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Polybags from recycled plastic

A sustainable packaging for different products: poly bags made from recycled material. These recycled polybags can be used for different purposes but it’s the perfect packaging for during transport. And a sustainable alternative for brands.

Our polybags consist for 20, 40 or 80% of recycled material. Depending of your choice and how transparent you’d like to have the bag.

The polybags from recycled plastic are a sustainable alternative for traditional plastic bags. Available in several sizes and thicknesses of material.

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Recycled mailer

Order a mailer of recycled material? From 5.000 pieces you can order a transparant mailer of 20% recycled plastic with your design or logo. Also you can order poly bags of 40% or 80% recycled material. For recycled mailers of 40% or 80% recycled material we advise to print the poly bags completely.

Print a recycled mailer starting from 5.000 pieces.

A mailer with resealable strip means that you can open the envelop and close it again. Great for re-using or retour shipment.

See the difference in polybags of recycled content:

Shopping bag of recycled material

Looking for a shopping bag of recycled plastic? Possible as well, this is called “die-cut bags”. The shopping bags with print or logo can be ordered from 5.000 pieces. The recycled shopping bags contain 20% recycled plastic for transparent shopping bags with your own logo.

Planning to print shopping bags completely, so with 100% coverage? Then choose shopping bags of 40% recycled material or even 80% recycled plastic.

Solution plastic packaging

In need of plastic packaging but looking for a sustainable solution for packaging? Choose a bag made from recycled plastic. A polybag made from recycled material is better for the environment, since less energy is consumed for production of the material.

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