REPAIR & REUSE with patches or labels

To cherish what we have, repair what breaks down, reuse what is already there.
And when we buy new products: preferably sustainable. A movement that is gaining popularity! And something to consider for your company too.

The repair market is growing much faster than the market for new products

Broken? Then fix it! Preferably in such a way that the “new”, repaired product is better than it used to be. The market for “remade” products is growing much faster than the market for new ones. So don’t wait too long and consider how your company can respond to this too.

Practical solution: use emblems with your own design for repairs

Of course, it must also be practically feasible to take clothes in and repair them. Order a patch with your own logo or design and you can easily repair a hole in old trousers or a jumper.

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Remade clothing with new labels

Did you already organize a program for returning clothes from your brand? You can repair and then sell it in a “preloved” section.
Several brands are experimenting with selling clothes that have already been worn. A customer returns a used item, the company checks the condition of the garment, repairs it if necessary and if it is saleable again, it goes online under a different heading.

Vintage shops are also alive and kicking, with a carefully put together collection and beautiful photoshoots, for example Throwback Classics from Eindhoven sells exclusive items for a soft price.

Own brand labels on vintage clothing

1OFF Paris goes a step further by printing, stitching or writing their own logo on the clothes. This gives a vintage item even more value, because you can see what has been done with the clothes.


Best practices

Nudie jeans offers a repair service, at KOI you can hand in an old pair of jeans and these are sold as vintage and also in the Patagonia repair workshop about 50.000 pieces a year are repaired. Watch their movie about “repair as a radical act” here.

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