Beyond generations

Beyond every product, person or brand is a story. A story that deserves attention.
We believe in creating strong connections. Between people but also with the objects that surround us.
Connections that, just like family and friends, never get out of fashion.
All with minimum impact on the environment, protecting it for the benefit of future generations.

Take a look behind the scenes:

An everlasting effect

We aim for solutions with minimum impact on the environment for a future that can be enjoyed by many more generations. This has always been one of our core values and that is why we always look for more sustainable improvements in our process, on our way to circularity.

For generations

Did you know that some customers and employees are connected to our company for several generations? We even have employees who started their career at our in-house school and still work at EE Labels.

Browse through our archive and you’ll find labels of customers that are still ordering their labels with us.