3D weaving: from patent to commercial product

A 3D woven T-shirt directly wearable from the machine? Or a 3D woven lamp with translucent paper yarn? With the jacquard weaving technique, the possibilities are endless: from flat fabric to three-dimensional product, by designing multiple layers in a fabric. Think of a garment or bag that rolls off the machine in 1 piece which no longer requires confection.

Custom jacquard fabrics for designers

EE Exclusives, our branch for custom jacquard fabrics, specializes in special developments in collaboration with designers, brands and students and was granted a patent for the technique. Meanwhile, a backpack has been developed, wearable pants and jacket. The latest development is a shirt in collaboration with Kelly Konings, commercially available through WEEEF.

3D weaving

Advantages of 3D weaving over traditional manufacturing

By weaving with the jacquard technique, each thread on the loom is individually controlled. A garment can be constructed from multiple layers directly on the machine. The seams of a garment are then immediately joined together. A technique that’s also called “whole garment weaving’’. Confection afterwards is largely avoided. It also saves time and cutting waste, thus reducing production costs.

Specialty of EE Exclusives

Since 1900, EE has been specialized in the jacquard weaving technique. Originally clothing labels with logo, hangtags and packaging are the main product. This means great attention to detail: the most beautiful rendering of small letters and logos. A specialty that is also reflected in the jacquard fabrics. Thanks to the high thread count per cm, details come out perfectly and there are enough threads to apply the 3D weaving technique. Experienced craftsmen work on the machines together with jacquard designers to ensure the desired result.

Collaboration with designers and students

Developing a fabric is a collaboration between the team of EE Exclusives and our client. After an extensive conversation about your wishes, our designers start working on your design. First a sample is made. If the sample is satisfactory, the production of your fabric starts. Designers, brands and also students can have a fabric woven by EE Exclusives.

3D weaving

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Kelly Konings X WEEEF

Especially for WEEEF (our consumer brand), textile designer Kelly Konings designed a shirt and bag, woven in the 3D technique.

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