Family business Van Engelen & Evers presents during Dutch Design Week 2014 (DDW14) Jacquard weaving in high definition under the new brand name EE Exclusives. This is the first time that this weaving technique is carried out in Europe on two weaving machines that have been developed especially for this purpose. In a special overview exhibition at hotspot Kazerne, co-creations are presented that have been made in collaboration with (inter) national designers Walter Van Beirendonck, Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk, Bokja Design & Sigrid Calon. Also on view are the results of two research assignments for which Claudy Jongstra and Bertjan Pot were invited. In addition to the expo at Kazerne, there are six other locations where work by EE Exclusives can be admired. Besides this, also special factory tours are being organized.

Van Engelen & Evers has 115 years of experience in weaving graphic details on label format for leading home decoration and clothing brands worldwide. As a follow-up, this family business had two special Jacquard weaving machines developed in Italy that can deliver luxury, custom-woven Jacquard fabrics on large format.

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