Brand experience with the perfect label

Our labels and tags are intended to contribute to the success of your brand. By making use of the most appropriate materials and design technology, we create a label that is perfectly in tune with the identity of your brand.

EE Labels injects additional elements of brand identity and experience into your labels via:

Choice of material – Materials that have an extra impact on user experience such as New Life yarns and organic cotton as well as silk yarns

Sensory perception – Making optimum use of sensory characteristics such as cuddle factor, luxury look, rugged look, reflectiveness/luminescence, scent etc.

Design – The weaving and printing sections offer designers an endless range of opportunities for translating their ideas into concrete designs using special fabrics for large as well as small formats

End-user interaction and loyalty – Extra impact, information and functionality via RFID (electronic sensors), QR codes and augmented reality

Brand protection – Unique woven or printed codes, micro-parts in yarns, RFID etc.

Extra functionalities – A great many additional solutions are possible in the realm of products, production, identification, instructions and packaging, for example by using ribbons, loops, tags, clips and printed or woven labels in various formats and resolutions.

Personalization – We can also personalize labels and fabrics to take into account very detailed client wishes, for example by customizing images, text and style to your exact wishes and specifications. This is also possible for small production runs.

Just tell us what your wishes are, and we will contact you as soon as possible.