EE Labels aims for collaborations that lasts, we do everything to keep our customers, suppliers and employees happy. Every year we publish several collection books with the latest trends, we have a worldwide service for customers with more than 100.000 pieces per year and we offer a speed-delivery service with our super fast webshop EE Label Factory.

With collections

Throughout the years we built up an amazing collections of labels and hangtags, a source of inspiration. However we still develop several trend books every year, with the latest developments in labels and hangtags. In sustainability, smart labelling with RFID, NFC and unique QR codes. We keep our customers up-to-date about every new possibility.

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A worldwide service

For customers with more than 100.000 pieces/year we offer a special online service. If you produce in several countries we arrange local-for-local production. Your labels will be produced and shipped from countries in or near your production locations. The stock can be checked online in real-time. Also shipment and invoices are completely managed for you.

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Fast webshop

Sometimes you just need your labels or hangtags fast. Did you receive a last-minute order, would you like to produce a sample collection or simply forgot to order in time? Our webshop EE Label Factory is the solution. The delivery time is within 7 working days, very fast for woven or printed labels.

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And events

In an industry that’s often ahead on trends, for example in sustainability, it’s important to attend events and fairs. We always make sure to stay in touch with influencers, suppliers and brands.