The labels produced by EE Labels deliver added value in a great many markets and in many different ways. Brand labels are used not only in the clothing sector but are also indispensable for the furniture sector, for sports articles, and for the car industry

  • Would you like to inform or instruct your clients with your label?
  • Does your label or sticker contribute to the brand experience?
  • Does your label need to be fitted with a QR code or augmented reality applications?

Fashion & Retail

Our labels are used in a great many different ways in a broad range of markets. In the Fashion & Retail sector, our clients attach a great deal of importance to strengthening the brand image and experience. But of course the retail sector is not based on emotion alone. Our products also help businesses deal with operational challenges in the areas of logistics, inventory management, and security. Fashion and retail >

Industrial & Automotive sector

In the Industrial & Automotive sector, the focus is on our 2-D products. Our use of QR codes and Data Matrix technology are striking examples of this. These magical labels help our clients to further automate their production and logistic processes and also make it possible for them to identify the manufacturer of each part or component. Industrial and automotive >

Lifestyle & Design

In the Lifestyle & Design sector, your products need to mesh and resonate with the feelings, sense of well-being, and lifestyle of your target clientele. EE Labels has a growing range of intelligent and interactive solutions that can help ensure that your products do exactly that. Our labels, hangtags, stickers, and band products are beautiful examples of such applications for interior and exterior use. Lifestyle and design>

Sport, Health & Well-being

In the Sports, Health and Well-being sector, the focus is on innovation and reliable products. Aspects such as sustainability and CSR also play a major role. EE Labels attaches a great deal of importance to CSR. Our production methods and choice of materials also reflect these core values. Sports, Health and Well-being >