Blanket for Blanket by Masha Reva


WEEEF is EE’s online gallery. Together with designers and artists we develop woven art. “Our personal connection with Masha made us realize we could do something directly for her and the people around her” says Joost Jansen, creative director of WEEEF about the collaboration with Masha Reva.

November 2021, artist Masha Reva is creating drawings in her atelier hometown Kyiv. To be translated into woven art for online gallery WEEEF. So much has changed since then.

Jansen: “We started working with the fantastic person and artist Masha Reva for who she is and the incredible artworks she makes. She deserves the world. Not this war.

Masha had to leave her home and atelier in Kyiv behind. She and her family are now staying in a safer area of Ukraine. To support them and other refugees, team WEEEF decided to launch a limited edition of her artwork “29 NOVEMBER, 3:28 PM, KYIV, UKRAINE”.

Pre-order the limited edition only this weekend from Friday April 8th 17:00 until Monday April 11th 11:00 at All profit will be shared between artist Masha Reva and blankets for refugees provided by The Red Cross.

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