The 2nd career of: Ruurd Baerends, account manager and sailing champion

What would a company be without its personnel? Let us introduce you to a few of our employees by highlighting some of their hobbies, outside of their daily jobs at EE Labels. As we all know, hobbies help us to relax and restore our energy which in turn will have a positive effect on our daily functioning in our jobs.

Next June, one of our account managers, Ruurd Baerends, will have worked for EE Labels for 40 years. He and his wife have one daughter and two sons (twins). Ruurd was brought up with sailing and he has been a keen sailor from a young age. It’s his main hobby and it reflects the attitude he carries in his job: he always tries to achieve the best.

Like his parents who were active sailors, Ruurd has passed on his love of the sailing sport to the next generation. His son Jelte now sails in the Finn class championships competitions, just as Ruud did himself. The FINN is a thoroughbred singlehanded dinghy and the world’s premier dinghy for tactical as well as technical singlehanded sailing. Sailing a Finn is a very demanding physical activity as it puts an ever increasing strain on the body. Still, Ruurd hopes to be able to continue to enjoy his hobby, even after retirement.

Ruurd has had several worth-mentioning highlights in his sailing career: a 3rd place in the German championships Europe class and a 4th place in the Benelux championships Europe class. Recently he also won the Dutch championships Masters/ Grand Masters 2015.