The second career of: Erna Heymans, account manager and pilot

What is a company without its personnel? We would like to introduce you to a few of our employees. Not through their daily work, but by highlighting a (special) hobby.

Next year our Belgian account manager and RFID consultant Erna Heymans will have been part of our organisation for 20 years. She lives with her husband in Belgian and together they have one daughter. In addition to her work, where among other things she has specialised in RFID technology, Erna has a special hobby. She is a pilot – the realisation of a long cherished dream of hers.

‘With your head in the clouds, but everything under control’, this is the feeling Erna has when she is flying up in the air. When she was 18 years old Erna wanted to become a pilot, but her parents would not let her.

She went to study something else, but 27 years later she has fulfilled her dream. “I never stopped wanting to be a pilot and on my 45th birthday I joined a flying club. I’ve now completed my instrument rating. Quite an achievement, though I say it myself!”

Erna is open to change and innovation. There are a number of factors that link her work at EE Labels and her hobby. As a pilot she knows her plane from top to bottom, from
engine to avionics. It was partly because of her affinity with these technical skills that Erna became our RFID consultant. Something that she is also passionate about.

With colleague Marco Drijver