Discover our new collection

Discover the new collection

What are the latest trends and developments in branding? What’s new on the market in terms of technological developments for labels and how do I make my labels as sustainable as possible? In the new collection of EE Labels you will discover the latest trends and innovations in the field of labeling.

Discover the new collection

Sustainable labels

Sustainable entrepreneurship is important and necessary. You may already be looking at sustainable materials for the composition of your product, but your branding shouldn’t be forgotten either. Therefore, choose labels made of recycled yarn or go for labels made of organic cotton.

Check out the collection for more inspiration for sustainable labels!

Product Passport

Consumers want transparency and want to know the exact composition, origin and production method of your product. Refer your customer easily to the passport of your product by adding a QR label. This label refers to your web page through scanning a QR code with all the information about your product. This way, you can easily give your customer all the information about the production chain. Check out the new collection to get inspiration for different types of labels with QR code.

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The newest labels with neon, glow in the dark, iridescent or organic cotton yarn, you want to see and feel those for yourself. EE Labels developed trend cards with selected colors, materials and processing, based on the latest trends and developments.

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