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Smart labels for direct customer contact

Brand experience acquires a new dimension with Smart Labels. Connect your physical products to the digital world with a label with unique QR codes, augmented reality, NFC or RFID. A label with unique numbering is also a possibility.

Labels with (unique) QR-code

A woven label with QR code is the way to connect physical products with the digital world. Customers scan the code and as a brand you decide which webpage the customer visits. Behind the QR code you can place a digital product passport or a connection to your CRM system for upselling opportunities. Collect data to improve the service and connection with your customers.

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NFC labels

Rather not have a QR code on the label? Then choose an NFC tag in the label. The NFC tag is not directly visible, but the end user can scan the chip. An NFC tag also refers to any URL for the communication you want.

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Labels with RFID

RFID technology for fashion brands is mainly used for logistics purposes. Many webshops and logistics centers work with RFID to manage inventory. Thanks to an antenna in each garment and with the right measuring equipment, stock is tracked perfectly.

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Labels with unique numbering

A label with unique numbering / incremental numbering is a suitable solution for different brands and companies. By labeling each item with a unique number, a production can be counted or you can retrace where and when an item was produced.

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Security yarns in woven labels

Protect your brand by using security yarns in your labels. Yarns that respond underneath UV-light or yarns that are engraved with a code or logo at minuscule size.

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‘Connect’ with your client

Smart Labels from EE Labels strengthen the connection between you and your client. With these special labels, you enable your clients to quickly and easily access your online platform. There, you can show them the production process or link to the fashion show that the garment was shown in. Or how about styling advice, on how to combine the product? In this way, you ensure that the customer stays in touch with your brand longer.

Would you like to:

  • Interact with your clients via Social Media?
  • Give your clients immediate access to your webshop, virtual fitting room or updated inventory?
  • Enable product registration and client registration via a single click?
  • Display detailed maintenance and safety instructions?

The possibilities are endless. Smart Labels increase the impact and experience intensity of your brand in the brick-and-mortar shop as well as online.

Specialty brands become even more special with Smart Labels. Ask us about the possibilities.

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