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Always a uniform appearance of your labels, regardless of your production location? The EE Labels Service exists especially for large brands. With this, EE Labels guarantees a uniform quality and appearance of your labels and hangtags. After developing your branding, we determine together the stock worldwide in different locations, which is purchased in small quantities by vendors. EE Labels takes care of the distribution and invoicing, giving you as a brand a uniform appearance without any worries. Fast and reliable delivery is guaranteed thanks to our own production and proven partnerships.

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Local for local production and stock

EE Labelservice’s stock and production locations, in addition to our own factories in the Netherlands and Turkey, are located in the major manufacturing regions: India, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. In these places, your labels, hangtags and packaging are produced and shipped. So your factories are served from the nearest location. Quite sustainable not having to ship labels up and down. EE Labels takes care of distribution and billing. A uniform, professional look for your brand without any worries.

New webshop for 24/7 insight

With our 24/7 B2B webshop, you are constantly up to date on current stock and requests from your vendors. EE Labels headquarters is available for questions about stock, design and new developments. For vendors, customer service can be reached in the local language for each stock location. We are available Monday through Friday for support and questions about shipments and invoices.

Discover the possibilities for your brand

The Label Service is available for brands starting from 100,000 labels per season. Curious about the benefits this will bring to your brand? Book a free demo or email for more info to

Labelservice EE Labels