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Labels with (unique) QR code

Order clothing labels with QR code? Create a quick link between the physical and digital world.
A QR code can be either printed or woven. A woven label with QR code often lasts longer than a product itself.
Choose the quality that best suits your brand.

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Label with unique QR codes
A label with unique QR code offers a world of possibilities. Each QR code refers to an individual URL (web page). As a brand, you determine what information is reached per QR label. Think of linking a digital product passport, storing data for improved service or providing instruction for reuse and recycling to create a circular business model.

You can scan a QR code with the camera of almost any smartphone. For some phones, you must first download an app like “QR scanner.” A QR code consists of several blocks that together create an image that links to the URL of a Web page. For a woven label with a unique QR code, we recommend a minimum size of 14 mm. Then the QR code is best scanned by most phones.


ZIGN by Zalando
Tricorp Workwear
Monasch by Best Wool
New Optimist
Circular Fashion Berlin
Studio Anneloes @ work

User cases: transparency with a product passport

ZIGN – the circular collection of Zalando – is a great example of the use of product passports.
With a unique QR-code in every clothing piece Zalando shows how, where and with which material a piece of clothing is made.
Optimal transparency!


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User cases: extended customer experience

UNSANCTIONED – a sustainable running brand from Australia works with QR codes on their carelabels.
This way you can add all information you like and change when necessary.

Besides the QR-code is also mentioned that the woven label was made from 100% recycled polyester.

Applications of QR Labels
Communicate with your end user via a QR label:

  • Quick link to the webshop
  • Generate extra followers for your social media accounts
  • Give extra care instructions
    And there are many more possibilities… Any URL can be linked to a QR code, so you let the customer “land” wherever you want, on a page of your website, your Instagram account or when subscribing to your newsletter.

Definition QR label

QR comes from ‘quick-response’, a 2-dimensional barcode that you scan with your smartphone.
You land online, behind the URL every function you can imagine can be created.

Thanks to our high definition weave and printing techniques we create QR-codes in your desired way.

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