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An NFC label for customer engagement

A buzzword, “customer engagement”, but how can you achieve this as a brand?

EE Labels can support you with this by attaching an NFC tag to your brand label. The NFC brand label remains linked to the end product from production to end use and is continuously connected with the user. We can supply this technology with no major investment on your part.

NFC tags give your product extra added value.

What is the value of NFC integration in the label for you as a brand?
You communicate one-on-one with the consumer with targeted and personalized information. Internal processes such as warranty activation or sales support become much simpler. Furthermore, your products are easy to trace throughout the logistics chain. And you collect valuable data.

What is the value of NFC for consumers?

Your customer benefits from an exclusive product experience. And with one simple scan of the label, the customer receives all kinds of useful information such as; promotions and discounts, a link to the webshop or customer service, maintenance and cleaning tips but also information about production and locations, brand sustainability, and quality maintenance.

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