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RFID label for fashion & retail, lifestyle & design

RFID is a technology mainly used for inventory management. Large logistics centers and web shops use RFID labels and stickers in each article. Applying RFID per article can be done with a hangtag per product, a printed care label or a sticker on polybags. Depending on the use and application of an article, you choose the most suitable solution for your product.


What is RFID?

RFID means Radio Frequency identification; a technology to identify items using radio waves. Compared to ‘traditional’ barcodes with rfid it’s possible to read hundreds of items per minute and it can be read a distrance. Items can be read while they are not directly visible. Each product has an unique number, enabling to track individual items.

It is possible to read bulk shipments as well as tracking individual items. A perfect system to monitor your inventory.

Other benefits of RFID in your label

  • Verifying brand authenticity as the RFID chip is permanently connected to the original product
  • Theft prevention as alarm gateways pick up RFID signals
  • Expanding the brand user experience, for example by showing in-store recommendations on information pillars

More questions? Our RFID-specialist will be happy to help you.