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RFID labels for company clothing and commercial laundries

Company clothing that is washed in external commercial laundry centres, such as clothing worn by employees in hospitals and power stations, takes quite a pounding in the process. Such clothing also goes through the washing process in large bulk lots. By integrating an RFID chip into the label, you can ensure that each article of clothing is returned to the proper employee.

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What is RFID?

RFID means Radio Frequency identification; a technology te identify items using radio waves. Compared to ‘traditional’ barcodes with rfid it’s possible to read hundreds of items per minute and it can be read a distrance. Items can be read while they are not directly visible. Each product has a unique number, enabling to track individual items.

RFID chips in labels

In response to an increasing demand for RFID solutions, EE Labels offers a flexible RFID silicon tag that can be integrated into a woven label and that contains your own logo, barcode, or unique number.

This label can resist 200 runs through:

  • Commercial laundry machine
  • Tunnel finisher
  • Wringer
  • Temperature

If you would like to find out more about the possibilities offered by our flexible RFID solutions, please send your request to Erna Heymans