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Woven badges/emblems for a striking logo

The woven badges/emblems supplied by EE Labels offer a much more striking and effective means of displaying your brand image and message on your clothing products than screen-printed labels. Woven emblems displaying your logo are the perfect way to brand your clothing with your targeted company image.

When to choose woven emblems?

Emblems are often used on staff uniforms, workwear, and sportswear. EE Labels can transform any logo into a woven emblem of the highest quality.

Why choose EE Labels?

If you order your woven emblem from EE Labels, you will be getting the very best quality available. Your logo will be displayed beautifully down to the smallest detail, and our laser cutting technology allows us to produce your emblem in any shape or form you choose. If desired, the back side can also be fitted with a heat seal or non-woven backing, making it very simple to attach it to sports clothing and/or workwear.

Our fast delivery times of 2 to 3 weeks also mean that you can expect to have your beautiful and striking emblems delivered to you in ‘in no-time’.

Interested? Check out our price list for woven emblems.

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