Devon Halfnight Leflufy shows EE Exclusives in New York

Devon Halfnight LeFlufy’s Fall/Winter 15-16 “Truth Search” is an exercise in the re-contextualizing of era symbols, in to a ‘mirror world wardrobe.’  Simple termed rave tailoring by the designer, FW15-16 imbues a much deeper meaning then this phrase implies.

Using quintessential elements of rave culture and 70’s retro suave, two formative forces on his upbringing, “Truth Search” strips these youth signifies of their usual meaning and allows them to be reconnected and seen through an alternate context.

This season the brand explores its core philosophy by purposely choosing fabrics, such as acetate or polyester/nylons knits, from the rise of synthetic fabrics and offering them in covetable reincarnations. Skulls and flames no longer mean death and danger. Tribal graphics no longer have the meanings connect to their other uses. They are simply logos of a mirror world movement, which simultaneously invokes a soothing nostalgia and a glimpse of a future escapism.

EE Exclusives made the jacquard fabrics you can see on these pictures: