Students with EE Labels at graduationshow

Design Academy Eindhoven students have their graduationshow at dutch design week 2014 in Eindhoven next week.

One group made their project in collaboration with EE Labels:

Multi-purpose Labels

Students from Man and Identity have researched fashion labels, and based on their research, have come up with different design concepts for reinventing the label and giving it added value. In this proposal, the focus was on finding added uses. Labels are generally used to relay information.

The first switch was to give the label greater visibility and thus improve brand communication; executed with great elegance, they were placed on the outside of garments and made bigger. Then came a range of ideas to use the bigger label in other ways: to prevent the garment from falling off the hanger, to use it as a pocket, or to use it as a bag or ribbon to wrap the garment after purchase.

Wesley de Boer, Anouk van de Sande and Kelly van Duijnhoven (Man and Identity) in collaboration with EE Labels.