Transparancy in clothing industry, through your brandlabel

Studies show that 40% of fashion brands do not check on the in-house employment conditions provided by their suppliers, and 53% know nothing about the raw materials that go into making the clothing they supply.

But is the consumer also not interested in where their clothing comes from and what it’s made from? In fact, this kind of awareness is slowly increasing, and clothing brands are becoming more transparent. Sustainably produced clothing is growing its share of the market, and there is an increasing awareness of the added value inherent in clothing that is made with respect for human beings as well as the environment. Unfortunately, not everyone realises that the logical consequence of this is a higher price for the end product.

During the Fashion Revolution Week last month, the 12-year-old Justin took to the street to ask consumers if they knew who had made their clothing and what they would think if they were to find out that children the same age as Justin had made the clothing. Not surprisingly, they all said they would not be happy if they found out that was true. Watch the video here.

The video calls on the viewer to take a good look at the label. By law, the label must specify the country of origin of the product, but it can do so much more. With the help of intelligent labelling technology, a label with QR-code or Augmented Reality can give an extra dimension to the label and tell a real story.

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