Vivienne Westwood opts for woven RFID labels

In collaboration with TexTrace, EE Labels is providing Vivienne WestWood, a leading fashion company, with a unique solution that integrates RFID technology into woven brandlabels. This solution immediately provides protection against brand counterfeiting and, in the longer term, also enables the client to implement improvements in logistics and inventory management.

Vivienne Westwood has chosen to implement a complete solution for product protection by integrating three important elements of brand protection:

  • protection at the source from the manufacturing floor until the point of sale for all goods;
  • the unique code built into the RFID label serves as protection against brand counterfeiting;
  • the RFID brand label is an integral part of the product as opposed to a hangtag or a washing instructions label.

The brand name is the most valuable property of a fashion brand, and brand counterfeiting is a global and growing problem. Compounding this threat, brand owners are also negatively impacted by a significant devaluation of their brand due to an increase in the volume of knockoff products offered for sale, whereby ‘designer brands’ are sold for prices between 20% and 60% below market value.

As co-partner for this product launch, EE Labels is of course very happy to be working with a major brand such as Vivienne Westwood.

EE Labels provides the proper mix of technology, textile expertise, and product reliability needed to comply with the stringent standards applied by Vivienne Westwood. “A woven RFID brand label is completely in line with the high standards implemented by the Vivienne Westwood brand”, explains Nurben Usta from the Vivienne Westwood production department. “We make no compromises whatsoever regarding our brand purely for the sake of technology, but TexTrace was able to help us in implementing the appropriate technology for better process distribution and a more secure environment for brand protection.”

Vivienne Westwood will launch the new RFID brand labels within the framework of its Spring 2016 line of men’s accessories.